look up!

Recently, on our trip to Kansas City, my husband surprised me with, “Would you want to go Restoration Hardware? I know you like their magazines.” My jaw dropped. I was speechless. “Um, yeah, are you joking….I would love to!” I said with a high pitch squeal. (I’m a geek…I know) He asked me, as we were already on the 2.5 hour drive to KC. Initially, I  figured we would do some clothes shopping,  and come home late. But, wow! How sweet of him…to think of me.

As I typed the name of Restoration Hardware into the GPS, I thought, “Hey, what about Pottery Barn…oooooo….and Pottery Barn kids!” I love their style of home furnishings. Sure enough, KC had a Pottery barn, and PB kids! It was in Leawood, which was not too far from our destination…Legends. I was pumped!  Pretty sure, my husband knew it too!

So as I stalked walked the store…there I saw THEM….LANTERNS!! Oh my…I picked one up and I thought they were pretty. They reminded me of summer, the beach. I put it back down and just enjoyed all the eye candy this store had. I was inspired…here is it is…

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